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bby sloth
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Hi, my name is Audrey. You guys can call me anything from Konata-chan to just plain Audrey. I am not a professional, or much of a beginner, but more of the average learner. As you can see, by looking at my gallery, my art slowly changes over time. I grow and begin to understand more about art like proportions for example. If anyone wants to criticize me or help me by giving out pointers feel free to do so. Honestly, I love the criticism that I get because I know what I need to improve on to become a better artist. Another thing: for those of you who ask my birthday is September 11. I accidentally made my birthday the 10th on here so that's why I hide it so there is no confusion with dates. <u<;;



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The best part of waking up, is not Folgers in your cup, but knowing that Konata didn't kill you in your sleep.

:iconllamadanceplz: I see you have received a llama from me. It was probably because:
a) you gave one to me
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feel free to give on back if you like :3

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T.C. - Mikaru Corpus [Major Revamp] by Konataluv
T.C. - Mikaru Corpus [Major Revamp]
So I revamped it...AGAIN. I got tired of her old look and decided she needed a makeover. 
Mikaru 1.0:…
Mikaru 2.0:…

Name: Mikaru Lillian Corpus

Nickname/Codename: Raven/Mika-chan

Rank: Fighter

Path: Neutral

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (official age now and will physically look like this for centuries. she is a brand new generation)

Height: 175 cm

Species: Demon/Raven

Alliance: Kossetsu


:bulletgreen: Generous| Calm| Friendly| Anxious| Truthful
:bulletred: Sassy| Occasional "smart-ass"| Stubborn| Pushy


:bulletblack:Shapeshifts (only into a Raven or parts of one; her demon form is further down the road no one has ever seen her in that form yet)
:bulletblack: Abnormal speed

Weapon(s)/Fighting Style:
Order from threat level
:bulletred: Blunt force; hands and feet
:bulletred: Survival Knife/Switchblade (depends on whats on her)
:bulletred: Summoned weapon: Sword- two handed sword. the more blood she loses the more the weapon is able to change but not too much though but for a short period of time

During her youth, Mikaru was obedient. She was obedient to her parents and her teachers. She was a part of a pure blood line of demon so she was expected to take on the family traditions. Learning several techniques such as home recreation skills to warrior skills her parents trained her to the fullest. She mastered the techniques at a young age and was ready to become a young warrior. Unfortunately, she was not of age to take on the family traditions. Her parents were frustrated that they couldn't let her pass, but it seemed that Mikaru wasn't emotionally ready. Mikaru was home schooled and knew several things and her mother did not want her to go to a public school, a human school.

A couple years pass and soon enough she gained a little sister and passed several grade levels. Oddly enough, her sister was not of pure blood and was shunned by the family. Mikaru took care of her during her elementary school and middle school years and was like a mother for her little baby sister. Though things took a turn by the time she entered high school. The rebellious years begun and the younger sister turned on Mikaru, dissing her whenever she got the chance while putting on the innocent baby face for the family. It was time to go back and see what was needed to earn the family title.

Of all the things she learned, the things that Mikaru needed to pass was something that never crossed her mind. She needed emotions, real emotions, adventure and freedom though she had to be silent. One night she told her parents and they shook their heads in shame for their daughter who now would never be able to take the family title. In regret, she killed them knowing that since they were the only ones to know which made the scene quiet again. She killed the ones who knew her secrets and left the town, leaving the Corpus Mansion behind, her sister following her behind in pure hatred.  Her sister ambushed her and attempted to kill her though she failed and it backfired, or so she thought.

She moved to a new school and passed the classes effortlessly, barely even needing to go to the classes and eventually graduating. During her new high school life she met many new friends and joined a club called the Tatakai Club. Unfortunately, all her friends passed and she inherited a fancy apartment and an inheritance from a friend (ironically a teacher from her school who basically took care of her) who was from a separate alliance. At one point she was even in love though he was one to die with the group, leaving her with a fire crystal necklace with his powers which she would never dare use. She gave up and wet into a depressed mode, her sister joined Tatakai as well, taking an evil path. Over time she gained acceptance and changed her looking, hoping for a new start with new people. She passed the time of age and was finally able to take on the family name, carrying it on her shoulders proudly.

Likes and dislikes:
[-]People disturbing her reading
[-]Smoking/drinking (she will take the cigarette and chuck it out the window)
[-] Intense whining
[-]Rumors (mainly when it is about her)
[-]Pervs/really flirtatious people
[-]Being labeled

[+]Having someone to talk to
[+] Cherry blossoms
[+] Alliance members

Additional Info-

:bulletblack: Her sister is in the rivals alliance (...go stalk her)
:bulletblack: Her voice:…
:bulletblack: Her theme:…

This application is for :icontatakai-club:

Mikaru - :iconkonataluv:
CHALK by Konataluv
=100 points??? //has no clue OTL

I revamped my Tatakai Club character and made her look more of her age. As I grew up as an artist she grew with me and let me say her color scheme actually matches compared to her first application. >///<;;

If anyone wants to rp I am totally ready to! Just send a note over and don't be shy //is generally the shy one but tries her best to say hello//

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